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Hard massage?

Relaxation massage? 

Or is it a massage while talking slowly?

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Lino has everything ❣️

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Please enjoy the delicate technique unique to Japanese people.



*Available regardless of gender.

   Reservations are required.





Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

It is recommended for those who are too tired and sluggish or those who continue to be in a tense state. It features relaxing music, aroma scents,Improve lymph flow with a dynamic Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi. 

  60 min  ¥7000

        (¥6000 for option and set)

 90 min  ¥9000

 120 min  ¥12000

 *All courses in foclude foot bath

◆Lomi Lomi and Hot stone

90 min ¥10000

Deep Tissue

✨Hard and Relax✨

Recommended for those who are very tired. This is a strong aromatherapy. a place where you are tired

You will feel the pain in. But soon the body feels liberated.And you can experience the delicate techniques of Japan people.

 60 min  ¥7000

     (¥6000 for option and set)

 90 min  ¥9000

 120 min  ¥12000

 *All courses in foclude foot bath

Thai Traditional Massage (Dry)

✨Tight  shoulders,low back and hips✨

It is effective for fatigue, stiff shoulders, low back pain, etc. An original course inspired by Thai and Japanese styles. You can feel a refreshing feeling. Stretching also enters, so it is recommended for driving, PC, lack of exercise!

60 min  ¥6000

      (¥5000 for option and set)

90 min  ¥8000

120min    ¥10000

 *All courses in foclude foot bath


◆Therapist request  ¥1000

◆Head and decollete

Recommended for IT-related workers and those with tight shoulders and neck.

                          30min  ¥3000

◆Dry massag e

Relieves muscle and improves stagnant blood flow.

                            30min  ¥3000

◆Thai massage

Recommended for those who have lost flexibillity due to muscle tightness and those who do not exercise regularty.

                            30min  ¥3000


Our cupping is mainly cupping that is programmed with fascial release. It also stimulates the acupuncture points of five and six organs, so it enhances the function of internal organs.


In particular, muscle fatigue, thigh pain due to back pain, stiff shoulders, and sluggishness in the legs. Most people feel the effect at that time.


~35 pieces                   ¥4000

 Free (Whole back)     ¥6000


Reservations required

Message me now  !(^^)!




Business hours

Mon-Fri  12:00pm ~ last start 8pm)

Sat            12:00pm ~ last start 7pm)

Closed / Sunday・Wednesday


◆Handling card

JCB、VISA、Master、American Express


 ◆Cancellation Policy

【cancel at the last minute】【unauthorized cancellation】If you have more than one of these, you cannot make a reservation in advance. If you come to our store late, the massage time may be shortened.

Please contact us by the day before to cancel.



We can’t massage pregnant women, heart disease, high blood pressure, progressive disease. Please understand. 

If the parking lot is full, please park at Chatan Park. 

The shop is a 1-minute walk away. 

(Since it is a public parking lot, anyone can park for free.)


Massage Lino



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